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• Flap (Gum) Surgery

• Non-Surgical Gum Treatment

• Gum Grafts

• Bone Grafts

• Implants

• Sinus Lift Surgery

• Biopsies

• Crown Lengthening

• Periodontal Cleanings

• Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Patient Education — Gum Disease

Gum Disease (Periodontitis, Bone Loss) is an infection. The predisposition to develop gum disease is hereditary and patients as young as eleven years old sometimes develop tooth loss as the result of gum disease. The common feature of most periodontal disease is a bacterial infection which progresses along the root of a tooth and erodes supporting bone. In many cases, the gum appears outwardly normal and patients do not complain about the bleeding gums. With out treatment, the teeth eventually loosen and must be removed. Only a dental professional can diagnose periodontal disease using x-ray and periodontal probing. Antibiotics are temporarily used for acute flare-ups but this treatment is not effective long term.